Emran Hashmi Joined PTI And Everyone Is Surprised!

Don’t remember the last time I was this thrilled about something happening in the ever-vibrant world of Pakistani politics. Bollywood’s King of Kisses Emraan Hashmi has seemingly entered the political battlefield, after he was spotted attending a PTI (Pakistan Tehreek – e – Insaaf) rally.

Here’s a zoomed up version. Yes, you’re probably fuming at us at the moment. But does he not look quite a lot like Emraan Hashmi?

Here’s another one

No offence to any PTI fan, official or unofficial, but the Emraan Hashmi of PTI is actually Waqas Iftikhar who is the President of the Insaf Student Federation in Punjab.

Here he is.

And here are the reactions of the people. Some of them are hilarious!

This Mullah slapped the ‘vulgar’ tag on both PTI and Emraan


Ouch, Miss Gulalai

Batayain Khan Seheb

Viewer Discretion advised

Media group ‘Mangobaaz’ was the first one to air this hoax online. They did get their fair share of criticism for spreading the clickbait, so hop on to their fb page if you think your share is due.