How To Fight With Failure After High School In Pakistan

In our education system Intermediate College/High School level (FSC,FA,Icom etc) is considered as the most crucial phase of a student’s life. Though at every phase during high school we are told that only this one is difficult, Aur aagay tou sab halwa hai” But jokes apart, this time period is really very critical as it decides the direction of one’s future career. In Pakistan, we have a number of high repute institutes that offer a variety of professional degrees. But as per the trend in our today’s society only MEDICAL and ENGINEERING universities are considered a home for creating a bright future. This mentality is right as well as wrong in a big sense.

These days everywhere we are hearing that the entrance results for medical ( Like UHS ) and engineering universities are out. Congratulations to All those who managed to get into their desired fields and all the best for your future too. Now coming to that lot who couldn’t make it to their dream place, this time. Yes I repeat “this time” because there are many chances to come and you’re definitely not the failure. For you, I have few very easy hacks to make it through better next time even if not academically then at least emotionally


So What Are These Hacks That Can Save You From Depression After High School?

  •  ACCEPTANCE : You were sick, emotionally unstable, had a friendship/relationship break up or you think that the exam was hard, the examiner unfair and the system a flaw whatever it is. Put it aside for a while and take a deep breath. Accept your current situation and stop blaming anyone or anything. The earlier you accept the easier it will be for you to start preparing for the future because on the lighter note : the past has passed but you haven’t.


  • DECISION MAKING : Since now you have accepted the failure, you are all set to go. You have to decide whether you want to change your field (medical,engineering) or you want to give this another try and improve your high school result. If it has been yours or your parents dream of becoming a doctor/engineer then definitely you too will be thinking about the later option. Don’t be too quick or too slow, take a timely decision about what is to be done next.


Relax, Now Move to Next Step :


  • RE-EVALUATION : If You have decided to go for it again then Congrats you have taken your first step back to the track. Re-evaluate your whole journey through High School till your entrance exam. Think about the point where you slipped and map out your weak areas. This would definitely help you improve.


  • START IT AGAIN : Get back to work. This time with an amazing positive energy. Make a road to your final destination and embark on it with an ever increasing energy. Take your past as an experience not a shame. You know the areas that led to this result, you have to work on them. Don’t try shortcuts they don’t lead to lifetime success. Learn, learn and revise it by heart.

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  • DWA K SATH DUA : You have given this task all the energy and time that you could. Now relax, sit back and pray. PRAY as much as you can. It changes the fate. Pray to be satisfied with whatever fate you get. And leave the rest to Allah because He has been watching your struggle throughout. Even if HE doesn’t take you wherever you want to, He definitely will satisfy you with wherever you end up.


Final results might still not be as you expected them to be. Even then it’s Okay. Life just doesn’t stop there at the end of High School. It’s way beyond it. You still have a long way to go. You are not useless, may be this wasn’t meant to be your destination. Its not written anywhere that only Doctors and Engineers are the heroes. You have struggled and even if you end up at an unexpected resort, Embrace it.

Best of luck. May All odds be in your favor (:

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