Frieha Altaf Judging People Dressing On Airport And Its Not Good

KARACHI: PR mogul Frieha Altaf has come under the limelight once again this month – though this time for all the wrong reasons. The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of PK’ has been part of the fashion industry for over a decade and recently sparked controversy over a random person’s fashion choices.

Earlier this month, Altaf shared her experience as a victim of child abuse. This was a brave move considering such subjects

Altaf took to Instagram to share a few videos of random people at the airport objecting to what they chose to wear. Facebook user Riffat Alam called out Altaf’s hypocrisy on standing up for what’s right.

Alam refused to accept Altaf’s use of star power to ridicule others whereas claiming that she should, instead, be using her platform to fight against other social issues such as bullying.

Twitter users were quick to share their two cents on the subject as well.

One even point out Altaf’s hypocrisy over freedom of choice.

While Altaf has managed to pull down the videos from her social media handle, Alam was quick to grab screenshots and make the issue public. She also sent a personal message to Altaf stating that judging others’ wardrobe choices was a low blow.

However, even after removing all evidence, Altaf continued tweeting about abuse – raising fingers on her sincerity to the cause.

Altaf has not made any comments on the matter as of now, but the concerned Pakistani public would like her to come forth and elaborate on her case.

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