He Ended 5 Years Old Relation With One WhatsApp Msg & Married Someone Else. What Was My Mistake?

It was a fine winter morning when I saw him on my first day of joining office. He had a good physique and smart personality. His jolly and helping nature made him popular, especially among girls, and he could easily mix up with everyone. His jokes would bring a smile even on a crying face and I was also not remained untouched with his magic.

We became good friends and mostly used to have lunch together. Our friendship grew stronger and after some time, he became more special for me than just a friend. I knew that he also liked me but didn’t express his feelings.

In weekends, he used to come to my home too and I felt that my family also liked him. My parents are open-minded and they didn’t have any problem if I wanted to choose my partner, the only condition being he should be decent enough for their princess and he appeared to have all those qualities.

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I had pretty good reasons to propose to him and on one coffee date, I did. He instantly said “YES” as I expected and I told my parents about our relation. They had no objection but he was not able to reveal it to his family. I thought that he might need time and will introduce me to his parents when right moment will come.

We started spending as much time as possible with each other and going for movies and dinner became common things. It was difficult for me to imagine my life without him and after some time, we had a sexual relationship too.

I was on cloud nine but my happiness was short lived as he got transferred in some other city and I was very upset. We could only talk on phone or chat on WhatsApp but the good thing was that we still used to meet on weekends. He got promoted and his schedule was busier than ever. We could meet just once in a month or two months and distance was now becoming intolerable for me.

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I asked him for marriage and he said that he would talk to his family. It was difficult for me to wait and each moment appeared to be an age. I was anxiously waiting for his call. He already gave me a hint that it’s not quite easy for him to tell his family about me because his parents were not so frank as mine and asked me to have patience. He called me after two days and said that his mom wanted to meet me.

I was happy yet nervous, fearing the rejection and for the same, I asked my parents to accompany me. However, he changed meeting plans suddenly and asked me to come to his home after 10 days. I was distressed and my mind got filled with numerous negative thoughts. At last my fear proved to be true when I received a WhatsApp message from him. The message read,

“My family asked me to choose between them and you. I can’t dishearten them because I’m their only hope. We are not made for each other so it’s better to get separated. I’m leaving you and one day, you’ll find a better guy than me. I’m sorry. Don’t try to contact me and delete my no.”

I didn’t understand anything and called him but he didn’t receive my calls and after some days, his no. was switched off. Our five years old relationship ended just with a WhatsApp message and one question still troubles me, “What was my mistake?”

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My world shattered and this incident had such an impact on my mind that I fell ill. Many tests were conducted but doctors couldn’t diagnose any problem. Eventually they came to the conclusion that I need a counselor. I was very weak as I barely had food and my family used to cry day and night seeing my condition. They made all possible attempts to keep me happy and I also tried to come out of trauma, thinking that he left me for his family and I can’t even give little happiness to my parents who have brought me to this world and done the best for me. I recovered slowly and got a new job.

One day when I went to a shopping mall with friends, I saw him with his wife. Yes he married some other girl and seemed to be quite happy with her. I couldn’t forget him or throw him out of my memories but he moved on. I am still single and ask myself, “What was my mistake?”

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