Iqrar Ul Hasan Asked A Prostitute Her Story In Sar E Aam And Its Heart Breaking

Sar e Aam is one of the most widely followed reality/documentary based programs in Pakistan. It is one of the hottest tv shows of today, owned by Ary News and hosted by the one and only Iqrar ul Hassan.

The controversial show is well-known for unveiling corrupt and unauthentic products/public services like fake amils, poorly manufactured products disguising famous company names, etc. Over the years, the episodes have been distributed across a wide variety of categories and scandals.

Episodes exposing the darkest taboos of the community are also aired. The main agenda of the show is to enlighten the public about whatever is happening under their eyes so that they are aware of those guilty of these crimes.

The program is also quite popular for the seal up and permanent closure of many fake industries, illegal home businesses, and figures misleading the people.

The team features informers who are paid for every information of an illegal activity, camera men, the host himself and other necessary people for the recording of a show.

Here’s another controversial, yet enlightening episode of Sar E Aam, in which your very own host Iqar Ul Hasan is having a face to face with a real life Prostitute.

Check out the video, as the lady reveals some of the darkest secrets about Prostituion in this part of the world. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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