How Being Kind Towards Animals Makes Us Better Humans?

We are a nation who arranges and attends huge conferences and seminars on human rights, women rights, and even animal rights. We talk on these topics for hours, propose various solutions and lists of Do’s and Don’ts. But when it comes down to each individual, we can see how we have lost compassion, kindness, and acceptance for each and every living thing around us. None of us cares about anything or anyone but ourselves. People sitting on grass will start plucking it away keun k bas, awain.. Chalty chalty kisi darakht k pattay khainch k taurr deay, keun? Bas yunhi. Kisi rah chaltay kuttay ko bilawjah pathar maar diya tou kisi billi k bachay ko zorr daar thudda. Let me mention here, I have seen all of this done by the Parhay Likhay Naujawaan & Khawateen of ours. Let alone the illiterate force. But, of course, it’s not about education or degrees. It’s how our elders taught us to be kind towards others, how tenderheartedly and sympathetically were were raised. It’s about being human while being a human!


How Being Kind or Cruel To Animals impact us?

Most of us have heard the story of the non-Muslim woman, who was forgiven by Allah just because of the kindness she showed towards a thirsty dog. Today I will narrate you another true story of a 17 years old boy Haseeb, a resident of Murree, who decided to be inhumane towards a domestic cat. Haseeb was a very bright student. He had a distinction in Matric and was waiting for his Fsc results. He belonged to an average family & had a cow, sacks of hay and few chickens at their place. One day, a local cat came and picked a chick from their house. Unlike pet cats, domestic wild cats like eating raw meat. Next day, the similar event occurred. And once more, the next day. Haseeb was furious because of the matter so he decided to take his turn and teach that cat a lesson. When the cat returned for his food, Haseeb somehow grabbed him, put petrol on his tail and set him on fire. That voiceless creature started running wildly in the area and died within minutes. While he was running to get rid of the fire, he passed by hay and it was also burned down. By the time that cat died, all of their hay was also burnt. They got rid of the cat that was eating their chicks but a week after this event, Haseeb lost his conscious. The boy is still alive but his cruelty cost him much more than just chicks. Nobody, not even his family members know what happened to him all of a sudden.


Dead Dogs

Just a few days ago I read a post of a friend which stated that they lost their pet cat the previous evening and found it dead the same night at their neighbor’s house. Tied up in ropes and strangled to death, not by an adult but by the kids of that house. While the parents were also at home. Being an animal lover, just by seeing this post I was stunned and teary-eyed and I couldn’t help imagining that what if something similar happens to my own cat, jisay mene apnay bachy ke tarah paala hai (literally), what would I do? How can I make the area safe for him? How can I teach people to be just and kind? What is happening to us? Why are we losing our patience over these harmless beings? Why do we feel in power while hurting them?

Why did I mention these stories here?

Because it’s time we realize the importance and true meaning of being a human. We need to realize how hard our hearts have turned & how cruel we have become. We do not need super learned scientists, doctors, professors, and engineers if we cannot teach them to be kind. A homeless dog living on roads does not deserve to be beaten by you or your kids just because it’s homeless and dirty. A stray cat does not deserve ill treatment because it’s small and helpless in front of us. A donkey does not deserves your kicks because it’s a donkey.

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) used to say “Whoever is kind to the creatures of God, is kind to himself.”

Learn to be sympathetic. Teach your kids to be kind and sympathetic. Most of what we need in this world, is kindness. Be kind so that you can be treated with kindness too.

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