Mahira Khan Is Back With Her Movie “Verna” To Shut Up Her Haters

The “talk of the town” gorgeous Mahira Khan is back. Well yes, paying one of the common price of being a celebrity and being a victim to paparazzi, Mahira Khan has been quite off the scene from social media since a couple of days.. In the recent controversy, few pictures were released on social media in which Mahira was spotted smoking with Ranbir Kapoor. The both, lately have been in news of having some secret affair only in accordance to the social media (which absolutely is as clueless about it as we all are).

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Mahira has been silent on this whole issue. While,there have been a couple of statements out by celebrities including Ranbir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor in her defense.

Despite that, Mahira was badly missed by fans :

And then the Raees Star Mahira Khan re-appeared and re-tweeted :

Meanwhile a little glimpse of Mahira Khan’s upcoming movie “Verna” is out and people are absolutely curious to know, what’s coming up next. From the makers of the block-buster Movies like “Khuda k lye” and “BOL“, “Verna” is said to be releasing on 17th of November this year.

Power Di Game” is definitely “ON” :

Haroon Shahid, the male lead with Mahira was also introduced along with the new released song of the movie :


Verna being filmed by one of the finest directors of the time, Shoaib Mansoor is expected to be a social-film.


Being a celebrity is not as easy as it seems to be. If it carries responsibility with it. It also carries a lot of energy to meet up with all kind of pressure and workload. Besides, management of one’s personal life. Everyone has a right to live their life the way they want to. Judgement is not always a right option. Lets Hope that Mahira Khan will charms us all with her amazing acting skills. And will get back to her regular “being-loved-by-all” fame, soon.


With all these “new silsilay“, We at Mzburger, wish all the best to the star for her upcoming projects with a hope that all goessmbhal smbhal k” and “Verna” comes out to be even more amazing than the previous masterpieces of Shoaib Mansoor.


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