Man Gives Perfect Response To The Girl Who Shared Blasphemous Video Against Islam

Pakistani Man Gives Perfect Response To The Girl Who Shared Blasphemous Video Against Islam

Islam might be the most progressive and modern religion of this time. It’s refurbished and layed out in parallel with the modern life ideologies, logic and reasoning. It’s teachings just sync as well with our lives as they did in its early days. As Muslims, it’s our foremost token of faith and our characters simply represent our religion.

On the other hand, it’s our spiritual duty to shield our religion from all sorts of attacks and blasphemy, external or internal. That being said, no one possesses the right to take the law in their hands and seek punishment for the guilty.

Last week, a video went viral on social media which has sparked outrage among Muslims. It shows a bold and seemingly carefree woman wrapping a cloth all over her body, which has Quranic verses printed on.

The video since then spread like running water and it continues to stir anger and outrage among the Muslim community. Remember folks, during all this, if you think necessary, it is important condemn it on all grounds and report it to Facebook and whichever Social Network the video was uploaded to.

Here’s the video of the girl and the response of this brave Pakistani man

I just dont get what this woman is trying to prove here? It just misses my sense to think what prompts these kinds of unacceptable acts. No religion has ever allowed their followers to disrespect or make fun of other religions. All religions speak the same language which is the language of love, peace and tolerance.

Moreover, you do not have to be a religious or very spiritual person to understand that it’s not a good thing to hurt other people’s sentiments based on their beliefs and religion.

This is surely one of the most disgusting examples of Islamophobia that has spread like wildfire across many parts of the world. As Muslims, it’s our moral duty to condemn it with appropriate measures. But that doesnt mean promoting violence, we just urge you guys to report this video.

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