Meet The Couple Who Got Married 66 Times!

You know how we always dream of having our weddings in the best place ever? It is hard to make up our minds and choose just one ‘dream destination’ to tie the knot. Well, forget one destination. Meet this couple who decided to get married all around the globe. Currently, they are making plans to get married for the 67th time! Their 67th wedding ceremony will take place in Queenstown Bay, New Zealand. They are all set up to marry in a traditional Maori style.

The starry-eyed romantics Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant are from Manchester, England. For the last three and a half years, they are out on a delightful adventure. The couple has a wish to have a traditional wedding ceremony in every destination they visit! Do you know what the funny part is? They haven’t actually exchanged wedding vows legally yet!

Check out the some of Alex and Lisa’s ‘traditional’ wedding ceremonies.

Their 66th wedding ceremony took place in none other than Pakistan itself!

The hopeless romantics got married for the third time in Michigan in the year of 2011.

Sun kissed islands, swaying palm trees and dolphins – welcome to a tropical wedding! It sure is a lovely picture of their wedding at Hilton Waikaloa Village in Hawaii.

Everything looks colorful and bright. Talk about a dream wedding.

For their 21st wedding in 2012, they decided to have a traditional Peruvian wedding.

Can you guess who the chief guest was? It was a sheep!

They had a beautiful Mayan wedding ceremony in Quintana Roo, Mexico. The service was followed by an underwater photography session.

This service took place at Mitad del Mundo, Eucador, which is considered to be the middle of the world. The couple was blessed with smoke.

Of course, the bucket list won’t be complete without a beach wedding!

One of their weddings took place in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. The service was held inside a mysterious crashed plane.

The couple has given a new meaning to the phrase dream wedding. Which wedding did you like best?

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