Pakistani Celebrities Who Married Their Own Cousins

Is it an obligation for a celebrity to marry another celebrity or another famous personality? Absolutely not. We have had so many examples where very prospering celebrities have married non-celebs. But not many Pakistani celebrities have married their cousins. Want to know who they are? Well, you’re just about to find out!

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan needs no introduction. He is not only just a legend, but one of the greatest legends to have ever graced this planet. He might no longer have been be with us since quite long now, but his music will live for eternity. Even outside Pakistan, people wanted to listen to him as much as they do inside of it. The great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan married his first cousin Naheed Nusrat.

Reham Khan

From one wonderful Khan to another not so wonderful one. The infamous British politician and journalist, Reham Khan, who also happens to be of British Pakistani descent, fits the list. Her most recent marriage was perhaps her most well-known one, as she tied the knot with crickter-turned politician Imran Khan for a relation which lasted barely a few months. Her first husband was her cousin Ejaz Rehman who was a psychiatrist in Britain. She had 3 children with her first husband.

Sanam Marvi

Coke Studio fans must recognize this face. Yes, Sanam Marvi is the famous folk artist who has made multiple appearances in Coke Studio and is love by the fans. Sanam married her first cousin, Hamid Ali. They both have 3 kids together.

Shaista Lodhi

Who doesn’t know Shaista Lodhi? The highly controversial tv host who has gained immense fame over the last decade, also happens to be a doctor in real life. Another amazing fact about her real life is that her second marriage happened with her cousin Adnan Lodhi following 3 years after her divorce with her first husband. Shaista had 3 kids with her first spouse.

Shahid Afridi

Last but not least, the crush of every girl out there, whether Pakistani or not. People not just in Pakistan, but all around the world love and adore the legend that is Shahid Khan Afridi. Whether you like him or not, Shahid bhai is without a doubt one of the most loved cricketers in the history of the game. Afridi married his cousin Nadia Afridi and the wonderful couple have 4 daughters.

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