Pakistani Guy Proposed A Dutch Pilot And Her Response Will Make You Laugh

On social media, anything and everything is possible and you have no control whatsoever. If you don’t apply appropriate filters to your social media accounts, you are gone.

However, one thing that social media has made possible is that you can send “Love messages” to anyone across the globe. Just by seeing photos, you might fall in love with someone.

Something similar happened with a guy from India. He fell in love with the picture of a pilot on Instagram. Here, we are talking about a Dutch pilot named Eser Aksan Erdogan.

She casually posed in the flight and uploaded the pic on Instagram; here it is…

A user named Sahir Khan found this picture to be so beautiful that he literally proposed her for marriage in the comments section. This is what he wrote;

Sahir proposed her although he didn’t know basic grammar skills & also promised her to never that he shall be with her forever.

Soon he received a comment from a guy;

He said, “Very Inspiring”.

On this, Sahir felt as if the man could help him. He even asked the user, “Can you help me”

Now this is when the pilot came into the picture. She hilariously revealed that the man who commented on his proposal was no one but her husband. Check out the comment;

What a smart way of handling things; poor Sahir had to delete his comments after this episode.

How did you find it?

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