Perks Of Being A Forever Alone In University Life

There are many people who pity Forever Alone people and feel sorry. But we are actually happier than them as there’s a lot less drama to go through. We enjoy our life at best and here are some of the reasons for that.



It Takes Only 5 Minutes to get ready In the Morning:

‘Forever alone’ never has to worry about how I look like. There’s no need of spending hours on deciding clothes, hairstyles or any kind of look, making life easier.


We Can Spend Days Without Recharging Our Phone Credits:

As there is no one to call for hours or to send selfies to, so either we have credit or not, it’s all good. There’s no rush, we can run on ‘advance’ for days and days.


Forever Alone Laugh At Memes Not Messages:

Well, mainly because we don’t get laughable messages. It’s either from Network Company or Saba asking for some balance sharing.


We Have to Complete ONLY Our Own Assignment:

You know life is easier when you have to worry only about your own assignment, not your partner’s. It’s just I, me and myself that we need to take care of.


We can Sleep at Anytime We Want for as Long As:

It’s a delight to sleep without anyone disturbing. We don’t have to tell anyone before going to sleep or be answerable for any kind of lame questions. Our committed friends are so jealous of it..ahh!!


No Pizza or Biryani Sharing:

Even the café-wala knows about our loneliness that he never offers us two spoons or straw with the drink. He knows it’s just one lone soul that needs to be fed. :’) A Whole plate of garama-garm biryani for yourself, what else do you need in life?


Don’t have to Worry About Birthday surprises and Gifts:

One of the best things is no one will be angry that we forgot their birthday or didn’t gift what they were expecting. Neither do we expect anything in return. Life without expectations is so easy.. Wish these people in relationships know that.

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