The Price Momina Mustehsan Had To Pay For All The Fame She Got!

Momina Mustehsan – The sweetheart of Pakistan ever since she appeared on Coke Studio last year. Momina Mustehsan is by far was the most hit singer of the Coke Studio Season 9.

Not just one. But three hit songs, one after the other took Momina Mustehsan to the heights she would have never expected. Just image the whole nation drooling over you. Getting endorsements from all the big brands like Sprite, Dalda and what not. Seems like a dream for a mid twenty’s girl in such a era.

But all of this was very overwhelming for Momina Mustehsan . We only the fame she was getting. But there was a dark side to all of this which only Momina had to face. Recently, she made a video with Patari explaining what she had to face during all is and still facing it. ” I have lost all self esteem ” Momina said. Apparently every 2 out of 5 women face Cyber Bullying. And the fact that she got so much attention, she had to face it too. Even a one comment about a person can completely destroy them. And Momina had to face millions of them.

People talking about her singing, to her smile to her appearance. Everything!

So how did Momina Mustehsan got over all that she faced?

” While people were thinking that I was enjoying being the national crush of Pakistan, I guess. For me it was very hard ” 

It got so bad that Momina eventually went into depression. She would cry herself to sleep every night.

But then Momina decided to get better. Fight back! Not by fighting the people. But by fighting her inner self that she would let it affect her anymore. And not she is doing great. Did some very decent performances in the Coke Studio Season 10One of the songs were with Ali Zafar’s little brother Danyal Zafar but her hit of the season was definitely Ghoom Taana