Soft Drinks Should Be Known As Slow Poisons

Just few days after quitting fuzzy drinks, artificially sweetened food and chocolates, I was able to feel the difference in my health. I could walk and do physical exercises more, had a good appetite now and was able to sleep well. As a bonus, the acne outburst on my face was now facing a swear downfall. Since my physical activity increased, as a result my fats began to melt. I could see a new healthier me and there was nothing that could make me more happy than that. Even if you’re not a regular drinker, the occasional splurge can also harm you equally. Let me sum up for you quickly what happens to our bodies when we quit drinking soda/soft drinks:

Less Soft drinks, Controlled Hunger:

When our bodies get excessive sweet, it starts craving for more. The muscles in stomach relax and as a result we can take more food in than required. As soon as we cut sodas from our life, our stomach asks for food when it really needs it. Less food means less calories to burn and even lesser fat on our waistline.

Stay Young:

Who doesn’t want to look young? And to achieve that goal, we are ready to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive products and treatments. A study by American Journal of Public Health found that only by drinking a single can of soft drinks a day can shorten the telomere, that are buffers at the end of chromosomes to protect genes. Not only the shortening of telomeres cause aging but is also related to chronic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. Cell aging caused by soft drinks is same as caused by smoking.

Lose Weight, Get In Shape:

“But I drink Diet Coke” often said by people who are obese but try to pretend that everything is under control because they drink Diet Coke. Bad news my dears, diet drinks also cause prevent weight loss. Calorie-free drinks cause insulin to be released in our gut since artificial sweeteners are also sweet like sugar. If you think trading Coke for a Diet Coke is a better decision then you’re only fooling yourself. Diet Coke is only a less sweetened version of the chemicals that are in a regular Coke. Chemicals that will hold on to your fat with the help of your insulin.

Better Health Condition:

If you’ve ever experienced a toothache or stomach issues, you’ll know how much they disturb our daily routine. The acids and chemicals in soft drinks are the reason most of us suffer from stomach ulcers and other problems and many have eroding teeth enamel. Artificial sweeteners affect us from blood-sugar control to weight to diseases, it disturbs our immune system and its function to respond to infections. Risk of diabetes increases 18% on consumption of 5% of artificial sweeteners.

Hidden Fats:

Some of your must have heard about the disease that covers our vital organs like liver in fat causing fatty liver. This kind of fat is called hidden fat and it is not easy to detect it with naked eye. Hidden fats are indeed the most dangerous category of fats since it is not possible to detect them until they cause severe illness.

Softening Of Bones:

Soft drinks contain chemicals that are also found in nature and are needed by body. But as the famous proverb states access of anything is bad, so is the excess of Phosphorus in our body. Our body doesn’t have the choice to absorb it or discard it, so it reaches the calcium in our bones and weakens it. People with kidney issues are severely affected by it.

Be Energetic Not Lethargic:

Too much quantity of caffeine in our body can makes us dehydrated and can overstimulates the nervous system and causes fatigue and exhaustion. As soon as we cut our caffeine consumption, our bodies come back to normal energy levels instead of the big highs and lows.

These are just few reasons to give up on Soft Drinks and Sodas to get your health back on track. If this doesn’t inspire you much, wait till we come back with another article on the detailed effects of drinks on your body & how it is killing you everyday.

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