This Reporter Interviewed The Madarssa Teacher Who Beat A Child To Death Is Awkward

Little angels Zainab and Asma suffered the worst of fates anybody can suffer in the space of a fortnight. Those tragedies have since left Pakistanis in a state of turmoil and despair as the questioning on the security issues in this country heightens.

Today, another little one falls victim to the carnivorous thirst of a Madrassa teacher who beat one of his students to death. The incident has cast another dark cloud on this already troubled nation.

Mohammad Hussain was a student at a Madrassa at Bin Qasim Town where he was allegedly beaten to death by the Madrassa teacher. The student was reportedly struck by a blunt object repeatedly.

Reportedly, little Hussain who lost his life to this barbaric animal had made previous attempts to flee. He had previously attemped to escape the cruelty after falling victim to his teacher’s brutality. However, his seemingly careless parents sent him back to the same madrassa. There, Qari Najmuddin beat him up yet again, this time resulting in his sad demise.

Here Is How Anchor Treated With Him

Crime Scene

Ustaad ke tashadud se 8 salaa bacha halaaq Dekhiye Crime Scene – Samaa TV ka full episode:

Posted by Samaa TV on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Here Is How People Reacting :

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