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You might have heard about Luddo Star because it is really starting to trend among the people of Pakistan. Since it is one of their favorite childhood board games therefore they are loving the digital version of it.


There a various types of people who play Luddo Star. So, we have categorized them and you will definitely be able to relate with them.


1)  The confident one who end up losing to the other players.

There is always a person who says a lot of big words before playing but ends up losing because of over confidence.

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2) The ‘ Chupa Rutam ‘ who stays quite the whole game and wins.

This is the quite one who doesn’t say a word and therefore ends up winning the game.

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3) The emotional one.

The one who takes the game way too seriously. Seems like there is one in almost every game.

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4) Badnaseeb jis ki goti har koi maar kar nikal jaata he.

The unlucky one who get a beating from pretty much everyone.

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5 ) The mad one.

This is the one who hates losing.

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6) Jis ka partner ghalti se us ki goti maar deta he.

In the traditional Luddo, if one of your pieces (goti) reaches your partners, it just used to go on top of it making a ‘ Jota ‘ but apparently that is not the case in Luddo Star. You can actually take out your partners piece if you reach the same position.


P.S Who else misses Lilly?

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7) The one who says he is fine after the game but he isn’t.

This is the guy who ruins the game for everyone by being all sad after the game.

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8) The Luddo Star couple.

The lovey dovey couple who just keep on writing comments for each other.

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9) The one who is up for revenge after losing.

This is the one who will always end the game by saying ” Best of three or five ” because he can’t bear losing a board game.

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If you haven’t played the game yet, maybe you should download Luddo Star now and play with your friends.

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