What You could Have Possibly Missed In The Last Episode (S7E3) of Game Of Thrones


If you haven’t seen the 3rd episode yet, kindly don’t read the read of this blog.   Ok so if you have seen the episode yet, this is what you possibly missed or misunderstood. And this is not one of those click bating posts to get views. We just want to make everything clear for you guys so that you won’t make a fool out of yourself when the next time you discuss GoT with your friends.


Ok so everyone understood how the Unsullied entered the Casterly Rock. Through Tyrion’s secret passage.

Tyrion you cheeky dwarf!



But when the Unsullied entered the Castle there were only a few Lannister forces there and the rest of them gone

“10 points for the Lannisters! “



Apparently Jamie knew that they were coming and he let them capture the castle to save his forces while Euron Greyjoy destroyed their armada (A group of battleships is called an Armada) Wadday ae Game Of Thrones dekhne waalay Angraiz tum log :3



Anyhow, there comes a scene which is a little misleading because it seemed like Jamie killed the unsullied. Ab comments me shuru na ho jaana keh “Mujhe to samajh aa gai thi”

Yaar kaafi logon ko nahi ai thi. Boy tu cheeta he. Tu chill kar agar samajh aa gai thi

This one. Seemed like that the Lannisters standing on the dead bodies of the Unsullied. It wasn’t that way.


P.S Totally loved it when Olenna Tyrell told Jamie that she killed Joffery, before drinking the poison herself. Because Cersie was going to murder the shit out of her.



Aaj tak dekh kar dil ko thandak parhti he <3